Metropolitan cities all have the same needs: that of growing vertically by replacing energy-consuming, structurally obsolete buildings by erecting higher, eco-friendlier, anti-seismic and extraordinary skyscrapers. Explosives are banned in most densely populated urban areas, for this reason Despe decided to create an innovative, safe, eco-friendly and swift solution for the controlled demolition of urban skyscrapers: TopDownWay®.


TopDownWay® is a modular self-descending machine that can be adapted to suit the requirements of all types of structures to be demolished. It is an intelligent containment system as it retains all the material generated by the demolition works within the structure (glass, rubble, debris, noise, vibrations, dust, and sprayed water). TopDownWay® allows operators to work simultaneously on the three floors it occupies, in which it is possible to carry out different operations at the same time, such as the dismantling of the façades, the demolition of the floor and the removal of debris. As the work progresses, the platform descends in a controlled manner until it reaches zero level and the building has been completely demolished.

Example based on a skyscraper of 25 floors (1000m2)
demolition with topdownway® demolition with traditional scaffolding
assembly time
assembly time 20 days 3 months
total time
total time 4 months 6 months


Assembly and disassembly of the structure takes place in situations of total safety for the environment and very swiftly: the different parts of the TopDownWay® are assembled on the ground, hoisted with a crane and then assembled directly on the top of the skyscraper. After completing the demolition work, the structure is dismantled and disassembled.


There are many advantages when using this system.


Safety for those who live in the city, safety for the surrounding buildings and monuments, safety for the roads, safety for our men working at great heights, and safety for the environment.


If we take a building of 25 floors, our system can be assembled in 20 days and in three months has completed the demolition. If you use traditional demolition procedures with scaffolding, the assembly time increases to 3 months and the demolition time to 6. Gaining time in the property market means generating savings in project finance and resources.


TopDownWay® is a zero environmental impact system. Which means 100% protection against rubble, debris, dust, noise, vibrations. In fact, the system adheres perfectly to the structure to be demolished and ensures 100% containment.


The demolition of a skyscraper does not go unnoticed, but with this system we avoid total coverage of the structure because only the three upper floors are enclosed within the system itself. This space, which is highly visible but not cumbersome, can be used for advertising, both day and night thanks to the use of LED illuminating systems.

How does it work