The Gallowgate Twins: Bluvale & Whitevale


Two towers had to be demolished in a residential and commercial area without the use of explosives. Despe was commissioned by Safedem to intervene with its 'TopDownWay®' system to complete the project with a safety guarantee that no other system in the world could give. Despite the wind conditions were sometimes extreme, reaching over 170 kph, preventing the normal progress of the work, the first tower was demolished in 3 months and the second in 2 and a half months, with no form of repercussion for the local residents living in the district at the base of the towers themselves. This project won the ‘Collaborative Award’ at the ‘World Demolition Awards’ in 2015.

Tower height: 90 m Floors: 31 Size: 22m x 20 m 95% recycled material Wind force: 238km/h Timing: 5 months and 15 days