Despe was founded as a firm specialising in the demolition sector. The first in Italy completely dedicated to this sector. In over 40 years of experience, it has developed technologies and a modus operandi capable of performing any type of demolition, on any type of structure, in any environment and under any conditions.


Demolition activities are just as complex as building activities. For this reason each deconstruction intervention requires an intensive design and engineering study that takes into account the structural, environmental, logistical and safety aspects. In addition, Despe designs and builds special demolition technologies and offers its engineering consulting service worldwide.


Despe has been fully equipped and prepared, training highly qualified staff to enter this risk sector since 2005. Since 2008 it has dealt with the decontamination and decommissioning of the nuclear fuel production site in Bosco Marengo. Since 2009 it has dealt with the decontamination and decommissioning of the secondary circuit of the Nuclear Power Plant in Caorso. A complex intervention that was studied and discussed in the forums of the most important international sector conferences. Today Despe is one of the most qualified and specialized enterprises in Europe, also operating in radiologically active areas.


Our goal is to return as much territory as possible to a healthier condition. The world has been polluted beyond measure and the consumption of territories shows no signs of stopping. Thinking green, reconditioning land and areas polluted by asbestos is the primary focus of this sector that looks to the environmental health of our planet as a dream that could come true.