Tour Uap

Lyon | France

The Tour Uap in Lyon had to be demolished and replaced with a taller, more functional and technological skyscraper. Despe was awarded the tender contract thanks to its invention ‘TopDownWay®’, a technological self-descending platform, weighing 600 tons and capable of creating more than 1,000 square meters of worksite surface suspended in the air, that retains all that the demolition work produces within itself. This allowed us to perform the demolition safely, swiftly and without creating any disturbance or inconvenience to the environment, to the city or or the nearest shopping center. In just three months the tower had disappeared with the compliments of the Lyon city council. This debut allowed Despe to win the prestigious Job of the Year at the ‘World Demolition Awards’ in 2012. 

Tower height: 100 m Size: 600 sqm Floors: 22 95% recycled material Demolition time: 3 months