Chimney Stack

Despe has deconstructed over 70 chimney stacks both in Italy and abroad, developing technologies for each type of structure and context.

Three methods are used: 

By gravity, using the 'Fly Demolition System’ or 'Demo Sky Control' or by means of the ‘Red 0-Ring’, the special hydraulic platform.

Where there is sufficient space and the environment is isolated, assisted video robots are used to cause the chimney to collapse.

If there is a sufficient safety area around the chimney, the 'Fly Demolition System’ can be used, a special machine suspended from a crane, or the 'Demo Sky Control', an unmanned remotely controlled robot equipped with pliers. Both the systems demolish the chimney top down, metre by metre as far as the ground. The material falls to the outside but is contained within a safety area. 

When the chimney to be demolished is inserted in a sensitive context, where the material can not fall to the outside, a special hydraulic platform, 'Red 0-Ring’ is used, a proprietary technology developed by the company. It is a protective and self-descending ring that is mounted on the top of the chimney stack and encloses all the debris produced during demolition inside. As the chimney is demolished, the platform lowers itself automatically, controlled by its 200 sensors and coordinated by a PLC computer.