Former State Railroad headquarters

Turin | Italy

Demolishing a building in the centre of Turin without interfering with the traffic or creating an inconvenience to residents is a challenge that requires extensive technical preparation and organisation. The characteristics of this intervention were so particular as to require specific solutions both from a technical and operational viewpoint, and also containment of environmental impacts. We used a tracked excavator with a specially designed telescopic arm equipped with crushers, to deconstruct the building standing about 40 metres in height. The difficulty lay in being able to control the fall of the debris within the reduced spaces of the construction site. To limit the dispersion of cement dust we patented the “Dust Buster”. This project won the prestigious ‘Urban award’ at the ‘World Demolition Awards’ in 2010.

Machines: Case CX800 with 40 m arm Overall volume: 50,000 cbm Timing: 2 months